Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #2

This Thing goes with “to be a friend, you must first be a friend…” Two points that were made that I thought were important: 1) Respond with a meaningful comment. Just telling the blogger that you thought that was a good post---well, why did you like it? What made it resonate with you? It’s like asking one of my students what they liked about the field trip and they respond with “It was fun”. Uh, okay. Doesn’t help too much with making the next trip better! Same thing with blogging. What did you like about the post, so that I can write other meaningful posts? (On the other hand, at the least, you know SOMEONE was looking at your blog…). 2) Edublogger Etiquette: When to respond, when do you leave it alone? At this point in my learning, it’s like leaving a comment on a blog, respond if you have something meaningful to say! If someone leaves a comment that you find especially helpful/meaningful, respond back. If the commenter has asked a question, and it is a question that can be answered (and no one else has responded) then it would seem rude to not give a reply. 

On another note---people won’t know if you are smart or stupid until you open your mouth.  Comment carefully.  Don’t just pop off with your first reaction or feeling about something until you have researched it yourself!  And similar to facebook, blogs are not the place to air your dirty laundry.  It’s always best to stay on the positive side with your comments, and not post negative things.  I like participating in online conversations that will help me learn new things, or help me to look at something differently.  There is a whole big world out there on the web, and there are bloggers out there that are helpful in helping me get smarter! 

The blog that I plan to visit in the future…Doug—Off the Record  
Has some links out there on the internet that are interesting to scope out that I wouldn’t find on my own.  For example, have you heard of a search engine called “Duck duck go”?  Doug writes about this in his blog.  Check out the “more” tab on the duck site!  There are all sorts of interesting factoids/information pieces located under that button!

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