Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tool #1

I am far from being new to the world of Blogger.  I completed 23 things through UHCL when I was taking a class with SBISD's former library administrator, Dr. Barry Bishop.  I have used both the Blog and a Wiki in my classroom, I'm not sure that I prefer one over the other, you can accomplish different things with each one.  I do like how I can add gadgets on the side of the blog, and the parents have an easier time figuring out how to find things on a blog as opposed to the wiki.  I learned about Voki last year when I went to the TCEA conference in Austin, Texas, and so the kiddos that I had last year really got into making a Voki to share some kind of a reflection or share knowledge after units of studies.  Something off the top of my head...I wonder how difficult it would be to have the students come up with one or two "test questions", and then you could play each student's voki and discuss the answer to the questions as a way to review before a test, or they could create a Voki to represent a character from a story they are reading.  Fun, fun, fun!  What are some of your ideas?

Sidebar---needed someplace online to save this link, and can't get to my Diigo toolbar at the moment...